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K-12 Learning and Education Center in San Jose, California

School Homework

Homework Help

Are you a parent looking for a tutor to help your child in need? We offer outstanding homework help to assist students in learning material in ways that make sense to them. We reteach lessons and offer homework skills that can be used at home in their own time. Allow our homework helps to teach your child new methods of learning that will help them succeed in school.

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K-12 Tutoring

We begin our K-12 tutoring by having the student take an assessment to determine their understanding and strengths. Our tutors will then go over the information with the students to evaluate their pre-assignment plan, and the work they will focus on. With our tutoring center, your student can gain the help they need, when they need it.

SAT Test Prep


Our SAT and HSPT test prep services are proud to offer students with the help they need to succeed. Our test tutoring will help you prepare for these state test; we will provide you with a pre-test to determine where you stand, and the areas you need to work on. Once your pre-test is scored, we can begin working on insufficient areas so you feel prepared when test day comes.

About Knowledge Quest Learning Center

Do you want your child to have the best educational experience for grades K-12? Let Knowledge Quest Learning Center located in San Jose, CA an after school learning facility, help guide them with any educational problem they may have. All our teachers are credentialed with class room experience.

With a unique and targeted approach to education, Knowledge Quest is the perfect learning center for your child to get a head start on their educational development.

Targeted instruction, tutoring, multi-sensory learning, and test preparation can all be done to prepare your child for higher learning.

Knowledge is power, but for many students obtaining it effectively and quickly is fraught with obstacles. Knowledge Quest is an after school learning facility designed to help overcome such obstacles and reach their academic potential. We offer the finest prescriptive and tutorial programs, complete skill evaluation and individualized instruction.

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Test Prep and Tutoring

Our tutoring center in San Jose is filled with a variety of learning materials from around the world. We have a state of the art multi-media center, a library and resource center. We have friendly and qualified teachers there to help students of all ages reach their potential.

Teachers at Knowledge Quest have a passion for teaching which is passed on to your child as a great learning experience.

There are never more than 3 students per teacher, personal goals and progress are assured, teachers get to know their students strengths and weakness and enjoy the value of successful achievement.

Knowledge Quest is always in constant touch with the parents and teacher to make sure the student is meeting classroom goals.

Phonics, reading, writing, math, algebra, geometry, study skills, homework help, Saturday help, are all available at Knowledge Quest Learning Center.

Free evaluation with one month of tutoring call and schedule an appointment (408) 915-6263.

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